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Spiritual Health


Imagine holding on to a rope when jumping from a precipice but not knowing on what that rope is tied to. The theories that exist in our world dealing with the existence of a God and religion are kind of like the earlier situation. The number of information and ideas that are put into our minds are very high. But at some point in our lives we begin to think and ask questions which can not be answered by science, reason does not meet the answers but it is impossible to remain in dou. It is here that our spiritual side, which we all have,  comes in and it needs to be healthy. 


The base for a spiritual health is to trust. You need to have something or someone to trust on when you're going through hard times as well as good times in your life. On both cases there is an emptiness at the end of the line that only God can fulfill.There is no wealth, fame, power, success or any other thing that can substitute the presence of God on a human heart. Those who are connected to God trust Him and are spiritually healthy.


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